Virginia Cai Takes Gold in straight sword

October 2, 2017

Virginia Cai - representing Team Canada from Calgary win's first place in Straight Sword at the 6th World Junior Wushu Championships held in Burgas, Bulgaria.

2nd World Taijiquan Championships

October 14-20, 2016

Led by Master Fang Wu, our 3 students brought home 6 medals for Canada, 4 bronze medals and 2 silver medals.

Murray Cheung - 3 medals (2 bronze, 1 Silver)
Men's B Group 42 Style Taiji Quan - Silver
Men's 3rd Set Taiji jian - Bronze
Men's B Group 42 style Taiji jian - Bronze

Cheryl Wan - 2 medals (2 bronze)
Women's A Group 3rd Set Taiji Jian - Bronze
Women's A Group 42 style Taiji Quan - Bronze

Leslie Kwan - 1 medal (Silver)
Men's B Group 56 Chen Style Taiji Quan - Silver

2016 Canadian National Team Trial Results

July 23, 2016

  • 2 athletes selected for the Canadian Wushu Team

  • 7 athletes selected for the Canadian Tai Chi Team

  • 29 Gold Medals

  • 9 Silver Medals

  • 6 Bronze Medals

13th World Wushu Championships

Nov 14-18, 2015

Team Canada this year was led by Master Cai who was appointed the Team Coach again after a successful run in 2013. Among the teams members included 4 of the Calgary Tai Chi and Martial Arts College's elite athletes!

Winnie Cai - Winnie's first selection to the Senior Canadian National Wushu team and she was the youngest among all competitors this year and had the BEST result among team Canada:
3rd place, Bronze Medal in Jianshu (Straightsword)

Leslie Kwan - 2 time Senior National Team Member. Leslie was able to improve on his performance from the 12th World Wushu Championships this year with some strong routines:
7th place, Qiangshu (Spear)

10th place, Chang Quan (Long Fist)

Murray Cheung - 2 time Senior National Team Member. Murray improved since his last Worlds and was able finish 7th in one of his routines:
7th place - Compulsory Taiji Quan

10th place - Xing Yi Quan

Jason Chen - First year selection to the Canadian National Wushu Team for Jason. Jason did very well as a first timer to the World Wushu Championships:
7th place - Dui Lian

9th place - Jianshu (Straightsword)

2015 Canadian National Team Trial Results

Aug 22-23, 2015

At this year's Canadian National Wushu Championships and Team Selections the Calgary Tai Chi and Martial Arts College demonstrated brilliance among other top level Wushu athletes in the Nation.

Our team took home a total of 37 medals:
13 Gold
16 Silver
8 Bronze

This year's national team selections proved to recognize our school's high level of competitors as 4 of the Calgary Tai Chi and Martial arts college's students were selected onto the Senior National A team to represent Canada at the 13th World Wushu Championships this year in Jakarta, Indonesia. The Senior National A team consists of 8 total athletes, we were strong enough to be selected into 4 of those spots!

Among the schools competing at this years team selection, 2 were from Calgary. Our school was the only school from Calgary to have students selected onto the National Team.

Members selected to the National A Team were: Winnie Cai, Leslie Kwan, Jason Chen and Murray Cheung.


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