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Nov 14-18, 2015

13th World Wushu Championships

Team Canada this year was led by Master Cai who was appointed the Team Coach again after a successful run in 2013. Among the teams members included 4 of the Calgary Tai Chi and Martial Arts College's elite athletes!

Winnie Cai - Winnie's first selection to the Senior Canadian National Wushu team and she was the youngest among all competitors this year and had the BEST result among team Canada:
3rd place, Bronze Medal in Jianshu (Straightsword)

Leslie Kwan - 2 time Senior National Team Member. Leslie was able to improve on his performance from the 12th World Wushu Championships this year with some strong routines:
7th place, Qiangshu (Spear)

10th place, Chang Quan (Long Fist)

Murray Cheung - 2 time Senior National Team Member. Murray improved since his last Worlds and was able finish 7th in one of his routines:
7th place - Compulsory Taiji Quan

10th place - Xing Yi Quan

Jason Chen - First year selection to the Canadian National Wushu Team for Jason. Jason did very well as a first timer to the World Wushu Championships:
7th place - Dui Lian

9th place - Jianshu (Straightsword)

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