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​October 18th, 2021 – November 6th, 2021


Since 2020, the lives of Wushu athletes around the globe have been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, both the sport of Wushu and our athletes are resilient and have continued to march onwards in spite of these temporary difficulties.

In October and November of 2021, the International Wushu Federation (IWUF) hosted its first online Wushu Taolu Virtual International Competition, allowing athletes from around the world to participate and compete together even as the pandemic raged on. Nearly a thousand athletes from 61 countries and regions attended, including 15 elite athletes representing Team Canada from our own prestigious academy. To participate, our athletes recorded their routines in the college and submitted them to the IWUF, competing in Jianshu, Gunshu, Qiangshu, Daoshu, and Changquan, along with New Yang Style Taijiquan and Taijijian.


Despite fierce competition from professional Asian athletes, students from our college were able to bring home two first place and seven second place prizes. The second place prizes were won by Timothy Nguy, Brianna Ye, Jett Wong, Paco Huang, Jane Liang, and Alexander Chen, while the two first place prizes were won by Murray Cheung in the Men’s New Yang Style Taijiquan C and Men’s New Yang Taijijian C Categories. In those categories, Murray was up against 25 people from more than 20 countries, including the Chinese team. Congratulations to both Murray and the entire team for representing the Calgary Tai Chi and Martial Arts College at the international level!





我们学校的学生们赢得了两个一等奖和七个二等奖,战胜了对手。Timothy Nguy, Brianna Ye, Jett Wong, Paco Huang, Jane Liang, 和 Alexander Chen 获得了二等奖。两个一等奖是被 Murray Cheung 在新杨氏太极拳的新杨氏太极剑竞赛中赢得的。他在比赛中总共打败了25名运动员!我们要热情的跟 Murray 和学校15名运动员说:加油!

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