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Oct. 20, 2019 – Oct. 23, 2019

15th World Wushu Championships

October of 2019, just before the world was shut down, three of Canada’s most elite athletes were headed from Calgary to Shanghai, China for the 15th World Wushu Championships, the highest level of Wushu competition in the world. They were to meet up with the remaining 5 members of the team, hailing from all different cities across Canada.

The Calgary representatives all trained out of the Calgary Taichi and Martial Arts College and were each backed by an extensive career in the sport.

  • Winnie Cai, a record holding athlete with 3 gold medals from the Junior World Wushu Championships and a serial bronze medalist in Straightsword and Spear at the Senior level. She is indisputably the top female wushu athlete of the western hemisphere.

  • Murray Cheung, a highly decorated taichi competitor and gold medalist at the Taichi World Wushu Championships. He is our most experienced athlete with over 20 years of training and competing.

  • Jason Chen-Leung, representing Canada since 2014, he has consistently placed top 8 at the world level. He is also a former Cirque du Soleil performer and has over 10 years of competition experience.

With categories of up to 80 competitors, this would be a grueling 5 day competition with early mornings and late nights.

Canada took home 5 seats to the 3rd Taolu World Cup. To qualify, one must score top 8 in their event.

Of the 5 seats, Calgary Taichi and Martial Arts College took 4.

  • Scoring 5th and 7th place in Straightsword and Spear respectively, Winnie Cai will go on to represent Canada in the 2022 Taolu World Cup, held in Japan.

  • Finishing at 7th place for both Straightsword and Spear, Jason Chen-Leung will also join the battle across the Pacific in 2022.

  • Amidst the highest level of Taichi competitors in the world, Murray Cheung managed to hold a consistent 15th place in Taichi Sword.

A massive round of applause for our athletes. Let’s wish them the best of luck in their upcoming competition in Japan!

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