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WuShu Summer Camp from July 6 - July 31 will be held at the Huntington Hills Community Centre (Community Hall) - 520 78 Ave NW and at the College from Aug 3 - 14.
All Tai Chi Ba Gua Zhang classes will be held at the College.


Wushu Summer Camp will be held from July 6 to August 14
Location will be at the Huntington Hills Community Center for the month of July

Tai Chi Summer Camp Information
Ba Gua Zhang -- July 11 - 29  -- Wed 7:00pm-9:00pm -- Sat 9:00am-11:00am

2014 19th Anniversary Demo Photos

2015 West Coast Can-Am Championships
Calgary Tai Chi & Martial Arts College sent 44 students to compete and obtained 3 Grand Champion Awards at the competition and over 30 Gold medals
More Information HERE

The 1st World Taijiquan Championships
November 1-5, 2014 Chengdu, China

Leslie, Chris 分别获得男子太极拳,太极剑一个一等奖,三个二等奖为加拿大国家队夺得唯一一等奖,是加拿大国家队表演赛的确最好成绩.

Murray 在全场最高水平的男子自选太极拳的比赛中,以12.58的高分获第五是加拿大这个项目最高分.


4 Students from CTMAC representing Team Canada placed top 5 in their events with the leadership and guidance from Master Cai. More Information HERE
5th World Junior Wushu Championships
March 11 - 18, 2014 Antalya, Turkey

Winnie Cai
World Champion for Qianshu (Spear Form)  Ceremony Video
3rd Place for Changquan (Fist Form)
4th Place for Jianshu (Sword Form)



蔡千惠做为唯一来自卡城的选手,代表加拿大参加311-19日在土耳其的安塔立亚举行的第五届世界青年武术锦标赛。在枪术的比赛中,技压群雄,勇夺金牌, 再次登上世界冠军的宝座,在长拳的项目面对28名其他国家顶级运动员的挑战,摘取铜牌。

10th Pan American Wushu Championships (Sept 1-8, 2014)

3 Golds, 1 Silver, and 2 Bronze medals

2014 Can-Am's International Competition (May 2-4, 2014)
Awards include: 38 Golds - 18 Silvers, 3 Bronze Medals -  

Virginia Cai Grand Champion - All Around Champion - Most Supportive School

2014 Junior National Championships

  • Winnie Cai elected as Team Member representing Canada at the 5th Jr Wushu Championships in Antalya, Turkey in March
  • 9 National Gold Medals
  • 8 Silver Medals
  • 7 Bronze Medals
  • 2014 年加拿大武术锦标赛,我院喜获9项全国冠军,8项亚军,7项季军。 蔡千惠以总分第一入选国家青年武术队,是卡城唯一入选国家队。她将代表加拿大参加3月在土耳其举行的第五届世界青年武术锦标赛。


2013 Anniversary Demo Photos

2013 12th World Wushu Championships
  • Grandmaster Cai as Head Coach of Team Canada
  • Bethany Chan - 7th Place Saber with Award Certificate
  • Leslie Kwan - 8th Place in Sword with Award Certificate
  • Murray Cheung - 6th: Tai Chi Sword - 7th: Tai Chi Form

2013 National Wushu Championships

  • 3 students on National A team
  • 1 student on National B team
  • 5 Gold / 7 Silvers / 6 Bronze

4th Junior World Wushu Championships
Macau, China Sept 17-25, 2012

Winnie Cai

Riley Chan
  • Gunshu (6th Place)
  • Changquan (7th Place)
Videos of the competition from Macau
Welcome to Calgary's finest Tai Chi & Wushu training facility.  Home to many Canadian National Team Members, World Champions and Gold Medalists.

Here at the Calgary Tai Chi & Martial Arts College, we offer a wide range of different programs for both children and adults.

Programs offered include:
- Wushu (Chinese Kung Fu)
- Traditional Taijiquan (Yang and Chen Style)
- Wushu Taijiquan and Taiji Fan
- Simplified Taijiquan (24 Style & 42 Style)
- Full combative Sanda (Chinese Kickboxing)
- Lion Dance

Whatever age group you belong to, you can choose from our wide range of courses, at all levels of practice.

Call us today @ 403.250.8633 and find a time to drop by one of our classes to check out our offerings.